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Uonibaby™ Baby Tricycle Balance Bike


The collapsible, tricycle is an ideal companion for outdoor play, whether your child wants to step into the pedals on a tricycle or ride a mini bike.


While your child might grow out of a normal baby ride-on in a short while, the Uonibaby™ Baby Tricycle Balance Bike is adjustable – letting you change the bike to match what your child is ready for.

The Uonibaby™ bike is a great way to inspire independence and confidence in your child at an early age. With your guidance, your little one will get the chance to develop balance and coordination, all the while learning to get around.

Guide your little one along safely by letting them work through the steps at their own pace. 


✅ There are 4 modes for which this Uonibaby™ multifunctional bike can be transformed into: three-wheel balance bike, two-wheel balance bike, pedal tricycle and baby trolley.

✅ The pedals for children's bikes are stored at the bottom of the seats and adopt a plug-in design for easy storage and access.

✅ The height of the balance child seat is adjustable and suitable for babies of different ages.

✅ The bike can be folded with one click and will only weigh around 3.5kg/7.7lbs.


What makes this tricycle even more amazing is the fact that it can easily be transformed into a balance bike providing even more benefits for your child! Here are just a few benefits that your child can expect when using the balance bike mode:

👶 Gives Them More Control
The key feature that makes balance bikes so attractive is that they offer toddlers more control. Because their feet are still on the ground, they’re introduced to the world of cycling with the benefit of stability! Balance bikes are designed to make little ones feel safe and secure while easing them into riding.

👶 Helps them Master One Skill at a Time
Learning to pedal, balance and steer, all at the same time, can be quite the task for a toddler! With balance bikes, they’re learning one skill at a time. First, they learn to sit on the bike and find their balance with their feet planted on the ground. As they walk their feet forward, they can feel how their arms steer the direction of the bike. Before you know it, they’re zooming up and down the street, moving their feet, balancing their bodies, and giving those motor and coordination skills a boost!

👶 Builds Confidence
If you can remember when you first learned to ride a bike, you might recall feelings of fear and frustration. Falling off a bike might be considered a necessary childhood step, but it can also be a little scary and discouraging for a young child. Balance bikes are low to the ground, which can make falls a lot less daunting. In addition, they’re easy to use! Toddlers pick up on balance bikes very quickly, making them feel positive, self-assured, and confident in their new skills.

👶 Boosts Development
Much like a tricycle, balance bikes offer a lot of developmental benefits. It helps them practice motor planning (learning how to turn corners), understand spatial awareness (learning how to avoid obstacles), and it activates the vestibular system (learning how to balance and move). Plus, it’s a great leg workout! Building leg strength can help with other milestones like climbing stairs and walking backward.


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